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The theme

Recent years have seen a surge of attention in the interdisciplinary study of aesthetics, with philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists converging on many core interests and new acquisitions. On the one hand, philosophers are rediscovering the original vocation of aesthetics as a “science of sensuous cognition” and are looking with increasing interest at the results of the empirical sciences of mind. On the other hand, psychologists are elaborating wide-ranging theories that connect aesthetic experience to other psychological phenomena of general interest such as learning, affect, valence, attention, motivation, memory, well-being, and the dynamics of personal and sub-personal experience. From yet another disciplinary perspective, neuroscientists interested in the study of art and aesthetics have recently given rise to the booming subfield of neuroaesthetics, whose latest developments have abandoned overly reductionistic premises and are starting to deliver nuanced insights on several aspects of our aesthetic encounters.
The Second International Conference on Beauty and Change aims at surveying this new and fast-growing interdisciplinary landscape, tackling remaining contrasts between theoretical perspectives and attempting broader syntheses. It will provide a forum where all disciplines can contribute as equal partners in the study of human aesthetic experiences and other crucial aspects of our cognitive makeup.

The venue

The conference will be held at the Giorgio Amendola Foundation, Via Tollegno, 52, 10154 – Torino, Italy.

Conference costs

Conference fee for students (BA and MA): free
Conference fee for untenured researchers (PhD students and postdocs): €100
Conference fee for tenured researchers: €200
Conference dinner (optional): €40

Travel and accommodation

 Suggestions about travel and accommodations will be made available on this page in due course

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